Buying a sports car, super car, or any form of luxury 'exotic' car takes a lot of research to find the best deal. Not only do these cars tend to be the most temperamental when it comes to looking after, but they're notoriously expensive and in relative short supply, making great deals hard to come by, until now.

Our goal and challenge is to take the pain out of buying one of these cars by doing the hundreds of hours of research for you. Our 'research guides' compile hundreds of hours of research and advice, which will not only save you days of research, but also $10,000's off of the car you're looking to buy.

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15 Pages, 8 Sections, 50+ Ideas

In the 15-page guide we cover 8 topics, including how to negotiate with dealerships when buying a Lamborghini, what to consider when building your own Lamborghini from parts or a replica, which add-ons and options to watch out for when buying a Lamborghini, what to check on the vehicle if buying a used Lamborghini, tips on importing Lamborghinis from foreign countries to save money, tips on where and when to buy a Lamborghini to get the best deal, as well as advice on how to find the best deals first, and which websites to trust when searching for offers on Lamborghinis.

Lamborghini Model Pricing Chart

Included with every guide is a spreadsheet containing the market standard retail price for all Lamborghini models produced since 2001, as well as average used prices at various mileages from 1,000 to 10,000 miles. You can use this data to find the best buying point between depreciation in value and mileage. This insight will also allow you to browse every model new or used model to find one that’s perfect for your price range.

This spreadsheet also shows the lowest used prices each model has been sold for in the past six months, to help you decide how low an offer you find is.

Buy Your Lamborghini in the Right Place at the Right Time

Learn when the best time of year to buy a Lamborghini is and where the best geographical locations to buy your Lamborghini is. Buying your Lamborghini at the right time in the right place can knock thousands off its price tag. Learn where and when to buy a Lamborghini using the technical insights from experts in this guide.

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